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Here's a bit about us.




Tiffany is a former rocket scientist who now uses her time to speak vision and ask questions to help others clarify their ambitions. She loves being a part of those

“a-ha” moments and is happy to sit in the silence to give space for someone to arrive at the answers within them. Tiffany is a student of how personality plays into personal and working relationships, so you will often find her delving into DISC and the enneagram to identify useful connections for working and living together with understanding. 


In her downtime, you can find Tiffany cooking a meal, listening to music, playing with her kiddos, or gathering with friends and family - sometimes all at the same time. Tiffany loves using her creativity to bring energy and a sense of community into the spaces where she lives.

Aaron was a nurse in his past life and now spends his days working on developing systems and processes that allow businesses to expand. Having spearheaded business growth firsthand, Aaron loves to work with people to get out of their own way so they can experience growth and lean into their full potential. A lover of all things enneagram, you can find Aaron reading a book or listening to a podcast to deepen his understanding of the nine types. 


When Aaron isn’t taking over the world, he’s reading, catching up on Big Brother, playing outside with his sons, or spending one-on-one time with a friend. Aaron thrives in using his strategic mind to listen, reflect back, and help people gain a different perspective on their lives.






the Fam

Aaron and Tiffany have two sons, Conlin and Gideon. Their energy and curiosity are the drive for many family adventures. Music is almost always soundtracking the home life and you will find the Seldons singing, dancing, and just taking in all different genres. Coffee is both loved for its taste and its ability to help Aaron and Tiffany keep up with the boys, but because both Conlin and Gideon love it, no cup of coffee is ever safe in the Seldon household.



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